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    Heavy Duty Castors 500kg

    Heavy-duty castors with a 500kg capacity are robust and durable castors designed to provide a reliable and convenient way to support heavy loads with ease. Constructed from tough materials these special castors are often used in various industrial and commercial settings including manufacturing, warehouses, factories, offices, and hospitals.

    Here at RS, we are pleased to offer you a selection of high-quality 500kg heavy-duty braked and non-braked castors available in a range of wheel diameters, tyre materials and mounting types. Brought to you from well-known brands including Tente, LAG and Guitel Hervieu.

    Types of 500kg Heavy-Duty Castors

    Swivel Castors with Brakes

    This type of 500kg castor offers 360 ˚ manoeuvrability with the added security of locking both the wheel and swivel mechanism

    Fixed Castors

    These 500kg castors are designed to move along in a straight direction and do not swivel, which provides much-needed stability and support for heavy loads.

    Swivel Castors

    Designed to rotate 360 ˚ allowing for better movement, particularly in tight spaces or steering around objects.

    Where Would I Use a 500kg Castor?

    As we mentioned earlier heavy-duty 500kg castor is very versatile and can be used in many different industrial and commercial applications. Some of the most common are

    Heavy Furniture

    Tool chests, mobile storage units, desks and workbenches that are moved around frequently.

    Medical Equipment

    Moving heavy medical machines and equipment such as scanners, beds and x-ray machines within hospitals and clinics.

    Construction Site Equipment

    Transporting power tools, generators and heavy-duty toolboxes on construction sites and garages.

    Industrial Trolleys and Carts

    For transporting materials, tools and parts within workshops, warehouses or manufacturing and production facilities.

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