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    75mm Castor Wheels

    75mm castor wheels refer to the diameter of the castor wheel. Castor wheels enable the easy movement of objects, across industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

    What is a 75mm Castor Wheel?

    A 75mm castor wheel is typically used in trolley carts, furniture, and numerous other applications where the smooth and efficient movement of equipment is vitally important to the user.

    What are 75mm Castors Wheels made from?

    Castor wheels can be made from a variety of materials, depending upon the application and durability required. Metals, rubber, and plastic types are commonly used as a housing material coupled with a variety of tyre materials depending on the load capacity, operating environment, and specific requirements.

    Where are 75mm Castor Wheels Used?

    These castors can be used in a variety of settings, the following are all commonplace, as well as many more.

    • Furniture – 75mm castors wheels are commonly found on furniture items such as cabinets, tables, chairs, and storage units. They allow for the furniture to be easily moved around for purposes such as cleaning, and repositioning.
    • Industrial – 75mm castor wheels can be used for industrial equipment such as carts, dollies, trolleys, and racks in warehouses, factories, and distribution centres.
    • Medical Settings – Castor wheels can be used for medical carts, patient beds and other medical equipment such as IV stands.
    • Display Stands – Castors can be used for mobile displays, shelving, and racking to make arranging and movement easier, as well as for cleaning purposes.
    • DIY Projects – 75mm wheels can be used for various projects such as storage racks, workbenches, custom furniture pieces and numerous other uses.

    What size castor wheel do I need?

    The bigger the wheel the easier it will roll and will be able to handle larger loads too. You should choose a castor wheel with the largest diameter for the specific application it is intended for.

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