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    200mm Castor

    200mm castors refer to the diameter of the castor wheel. Castors wheels enable the easy movement of objects, across industrial, commercial, and manufacturing settings.

    What is a 200mm Castor?

    A 200mm castor wheel is ideal for heavy duty applications where weight bearing is especially important. These would be suitable for use in hospitals, warehouses, and other environments where the smooth and efficient movement of equipment is vitally important.

    What are 200mm Castors made from?

    Castors can be made from a variety of materials, depending upon the application and durability required. Steel is commonly used as a housing material coupled with a variety of tyre materials depending on the load capacity, operating environment, and specific requirements.

    Where are 200mm Castors Used?

    These castors can be used in a variety of settings, a few of the more common ones are listed below.

    • Industrial – 200mm castors can be used for heavy duty equipment such as carts, dollies and racks.
    • Material handling – 200mm castors can be used to help move materials such as pallet jacks, hand trucks, and platform trucks.
    • Medical Settings – Castors can be used for medical carts; patient beds and equipment stands.
    • Retail – Castors can be used for mobile displays, shelving, and racking to make arranging and movement easier.
    • Construction and Building – 200mm castors can be used to manoeuvre carts carrying materials and to transport equipment.
    • Furniture – 200mm castors assist in the movement of workbenches, storage cabinets, and machinery.

    What are the benefits of a larger castor wheel?

    Larger castor wheels make the manoeuvring of heavy items easier on the user, reducing and avoiding workplace injuries.

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