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    Ball Bearing Castor

    Ball bearing castors, also known as ball castors, are popular in various industrial and commercial applications that require easy manoeuvrability. The key component is the ball bearing housed within the castor, which reduces friction and enables a smooth and effortless swivel and rolling motion.

    Here, at RS, we offer an extensive selection of high-quality ball-bearing castors from well-known brands such as Tente, LAG, Guitel Hervieu and our trusted brand RS PRO. Choose from braked or non-braked castors in a range of wheel diameters, load capacities and tyre materials. Browse our range. We are confident we will have the right ball-bearing castor for you!

    What are the Different Types of Ball Bearing Castor?

    Swivel Ball Bearing Castors

    These castors can rotate 360˚ allowing for movement in all directions. They are perfect for applications that require both flexibility and manoeuvrability.

    Fixed Ball Bearing Castor

    These castors are fixed and are designed for straight-line movement. They are ideal for applications where stability over directional control is needed.

    Braked Ball Bearing Castor

    Swivel or fixed, these types of castors are equipped with a braking mechanism to lock the rotation of the castor. This provides extra safety on inclines and uneven surfaces.

    Key Features and Benefits

    Smooth Rolling

    Ball bearings reduce friction, allowing for easy movement of heavy objects.


    Constructed using sturdy materials these castors are built to withstand heavy loads and frequent use.

    Noise Reduction

    Castors with ball bearings are quieter compared to other types of castors making them ideal for applications that require less noise.

    Typical Applications

    Material Handling

    Carts, trolleys, and other industrial equipment use ball-bearing castors for efficient movement of heavy loads.

    Industrial Settings

    Hospitals, offices, and schools rely on ball-bearing castors for the smooth operation of medical equipment, desks, draws and storage units.


    Sofas, chairs, mobile workbenches, and chests use ball bearings castors for easy re-arranging.

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