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    Heavy Duty Castors 1000kg

    Heavy-duty castors rated for 1000kg are robust and durable, designed to support and transport heavy loads. 1000kg castors are specifically made to withstand huge weights and provide stability and manoeuvrability. These castors are typically used in industrial applications where heavy machinery, equipment or materials need to be moved frequently.

    Types of 1000kg Heavy-Duty Castors

    Fixed Castors

    Designed to move along in a straight direction and does not swivel, which provides much-needed stability and support for heavy loads.

    Swivel Castors

    Designed to rotate 360 ˚ allowing for better movement, particularly in tight spaces or steering around objects.

    Braked Castors

    These castors feature a locking mechanism that can be engaged preventing movement and secures your load in place for extra safety when stationary or during transport.

    Key Features of 1000kg Heavy Duty Castors.

    When choosing a heavy-duty castor for your application there are some important features you would need to think about. Here are some of the key features to look for:

    High Load Capacity

    The most important feature of heavy-duty castors is their load capacity. As we mentioned before, heavy-duty castors of 1000kg are designed to handle heavy loads, this ensures support and stability, both safely and efficiently. It is essential to choose castors that can comfortably carry your load to prevent any accidents or damage.

    Tyre Material

    The wheel material plays an important role in determining the performance and durability of heavy-duty castors. Common wheel materials include polyurethane and nylon Each material has its advantages and is suitable for different environments and applications. For example, polyurethane wheels offer superior load-bearing capacity and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

    Break Mechanism

    Heavy-duty castors often come with built-in brake mechanisms to ensure the stability and safety of the load. Brake mechanisms can be in the form of a foot brake or a swivel lock. Foot brakes are operated by stepping on a pedal, while swivel locks immobilize the castor in a fixed position. Choosing the right brake mechanism depends on the specific requirements of your application.

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