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    Fixed Castor Wheels

    Do you need a reliable and robust fixed castor wheel for your next application? Well, you’ve come to the right place, here at RS we offer a great range of premium fixed castors from recognised brands such as LAG, Tente and of course RS PRO. Our fixed castors are available in a wide range of sizes, load capacities and materials and we are confident we have the right castor to suit your every need.

    What is a Fixed Castor Wheel?

    Fixed castor wheels, sometimes called rigid casters are another type of caster commonly used in applications where straight-line movement is preferred over manoeuvrability. Fixed castors can only roll in two directions, forwards and backwards. This means they can’t rotate through 360 ˚ so are best suited to journeys in a straight line.

    How do Fixed Castor Wheels Work?

    Fixed castor wheels consist of a wheel mounted to a rigid bracket or frame. Unlike swivel castors, the wheel does not rotate independently from the bracket. Instead, it remains fixed in one direction, typically facing forward or backwards. They are often used in conjunction with swivel castors for better control and aren’t generally used on their own.

    Common Uses for Fixed Castor Wheels

    Material Handling

    They are often used in warehouses and distribution centres on carts and trolleys for transporting materials and goods in a controlled and safe way.

    Tool Chests

    Fixed casters make heavy tool chests mobile for easy positioning in a workshop but keep them stable during use.

    Medical Equipment

    Fixed castor wheels are used on medical devices such as stretchers and patient beds to provide stability and support during transport within healthcare facilities.

    Industrial Equipment

    Fixed castor wheels are commonly used in industrial settings for heavy machinery and equipment that requires straight-line movement along assembly lines or production floors.

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