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    Bosch Rexroth Castor Wheels

    Need easy movement of objects in your workplace? Bosch Rexroth Castor Wheels can do just that. Whether you're in an industrial, manufacturing, or commercial setting, Bosch Rexroth have designed high-quality steel castor wheels, like threaded stem castors and top plate model castors, that enable you to move objects around your workplace with ease and efficiency. No matter how small or large your application is, whether it's a small trolley or heavier machinery, Bosch Rexroth Castor Wheels cater to a wide load capacity range for all your future engineering and industrial projects.

    Features and Benefits

    • Choice of threaded stem castors and top plate castors which cater to different purposes: Threaded Stem Castors use a swivel motion to enhance movement in different directions, whilst Top Plate Castors tend to have a larger surface area which provide optimum stability and great mobility.
    • Steel housing material: Steel is a strong and durable material which helps to provide a long-lasting service life.
    • TPU tyre material: TPU is an incredibly durable material, which contributes to the sufficient long-lasting service life.
    • Range of load capacity: Available in different load capacities – such as 300kg or 400n, for example – to meet your heavy-duty requirements.

    How do I measure castor wheels?

    It is crucial to get the correct measurement of castors. To select the right castor wheel, measure the height and width of the top plate and the bolt hole pattern (measuring from the centre of one hole to another). Then measure the wheel size by laying the wheel flat and measure the size across the centre.


    • Trolleys
    • Racks
    • Luggage
    • Workbenches
    • Hospital beds
    • Furniture
    • Car plant assembly
    • Platform trucks
    • Aircraft assembly
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