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    Stem Castors

    Stem castors, also known as stem-mount castors a straightforward and secure way to add mobility to furniture, trolleys, and other equipment. They feature a threaded stem that is attached to the mounting base, allowing them to be inserted into sockets or brackets for a secure and safe installation.

    Our high-quality stem castors are available in swivel and braked variants in a range of wheel diameters, load capacities and tyre materials. Browse the range, we are sure we have the right stem castor for your next application.

    What Are The Different Types Of Stem Castors?

    Swivel Stem Castors

    Most stem castors are designed with a swivel mechanism, allowing for full 360-degree rotation, and enabling smooth and multidirectional movement.

    Braked Stem Castors

    Some stem castors are equipped with brakes, allowing users to lock the wheels in place for added stability and safety when needed.

    Key Features and Benefits

    Simple Installation

    Saves time and effort compared to complex mounting methods.

    Secure Attachment

    The stem design provides a strong and reliable connection, preventing accidental detachment.

    Load Capacity

    Available in various load capacities to accommodate different weight requirements, ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty applications.

    Typical Applications


    Heavy-duty stem castors can provide mobility for appliances like washing machines and dryers.

    Industrial Equipment

    Work stands, tool boxes and other portable industrial equipment can benefit from the secure hold of stem castors.


    Desks, workbenches, and mobile cabinets often use stem castors for easy rearrangement and cleaning.

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