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    Swivel Castors

    Swivel castors wheels also known as castors are a type of wheel assembly commonly used to enable the movement of various objects such as industrial equipment, furniture, carts and more. They are made up of a wheel mounted on a bracket or housing that allows the wheel complete freedom of movement in any direction.

    Swivel castors are available in various sizes, materials, and configurations to suit different applications. Factors such as load capacity, floor surface, environmental conditions, and intended use will all influence your choice of caster wheels.

    Where can Swivel Castors be Used?

    Swivel castors are commonly used in a wide range of applications across various industries and environments.

    • Furniture: Swivel castors are frequently used on chairs, tables, cabinets, and lots of other types of furniture.
    • Material Handling: They are commonly found on carts, dollies, and other material handling equipment.
    • Industry Equipment: Swivel castors are used on machinery and equipment in manufacturing, workshops, and other industrial settings.
    • Medical Equipment: Swivel castors are often used on hospital beds, medical carts, and other healthcare equipment.
    • Hospitality: They can be used on luggage carts, service carts, and cleaning equipment in hotels, resorts, and other hospitality establishments.
    • Office Equipment: Swivel casters can be found on office chairs, filing cabinets, and mobile workstations.
    • Home Environment: Swivel castors are used in various household items such as kitchen carts, rolling storage bins, and DIY furniture projects.

    What Castor Wheel Weight Class do I need?

    There are 3 different castor wheel ratings depending upon the strength, durability and manoeuvrability required for the load capacity. These are light duty supporting weights of up to 75 kg, medium duty supporting weights of between 76kg and 140kg, and heavy-duty supporting weights of over 141kg.

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