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    Bosch Rexroth Plate Castor Wheels

    Need extra stability when moving heavy loads? Bosch Rexroth Plate Castor Wheels can help you move larger loads around your workplace, including industrial, manufacturing, and commercial settings. Made with steel for optimum durability, Bosch Rexroth have got you covered.

    What is a Plate Castor Wheel?

    A plate castor wheel consists of a plate, and axle, and a wheel. The plate is generally square or rectangular and has four screw holes (one in each corner) for a secure installation. The plate caster is mounted on the item that you require mobility to, by using screws or bolts. Although this is extremely secure and durable, if you're conscious about extra durability, then the plate castor can be welded to the item as well.

    Features and Benefits

    • Great stability: Plate castor wheels have a large surface area, providing excellent, secure stability. Due to their high stability, plate castor wheels are also suitable if your workplace has uneven floors.
    • Large load capacity: If you have items that need to carry heavy objects, such as machinery, plate castor wheels are a great option.
    • Steel housing material: Steel is a very durable and strong material which provides a long-lasting service life, so you do not need to worry about putting too much weight or pressure on the castor wheels.
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