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    Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

    Heavy duty castor wheels are an essential component in helping you move heavy loads within an industrial setting. These wheels are pivotal to handling the stress of the load, ensuring smooth and efficient operation when it comes to manoeuvring immense heavy loads with ease.

    What makes Heavy Duty Caster Wheels so Strong?

    Heavy duty caster wheels are typically made from steel, cast iron or high-quality synthetic compounds, ensuring the wheels are durable and can withstand the heavy loads without buckling. The wheel diameter is usually larger to evenly distribute the weight over a larger surface area. Wheel tread is essential so that is works with your specific application, whether that be indoor, or outdoor. The wheel bearings within the caster wheel reduce friction and enable smooth movement, even under heavy loads.

    Applications for Heavy Duty Caster Wheels?

    There are numerous applications where heavy-duty castor wheels can be used, from manufacturing facilities, warehouses, automotive industries, aerospace, hospitality, and food services to medical equipment.

    Types of Heavy Caster Wheels

    The type of wheel you choose will depend upon your application and requirements. Here are some common types:

    • Swivel Caster Wheels are specifically designed to rotate 360 degrees and are advantageous where precise steering and manoeuvring are required.
    • Rigid Caster Wheels do not rotate. They are fixed to move in a straight line and offer stability to the user.
    • Locking Caster Wheels are perfect for when no movement is required from your load, the mechanism locks the wheel in place and keep it stationary for periods of time.
    • Shock Absorbing Caster Wheels feature a cushioning mechanism which is designed to minimise shocks and protects the load and the equipment when moving it around.
    • Pneumatic Caster Wheels provide excellent shock absorption when moving heavy loads. Due to the air in the tyres, they are ideal for use outside or on rough surfaces.
    • Steel Caster Wheels are the most durable, they are able to withstand extreme weights and can be found in heavy duty industrial applications. They are resistant to both impact and abrasion.
    • Polyurethane Caster Wheels are renowned for being extremely durable. They are non-marking on floors making them an ideal choice for indoor use.

    How Much Weight Can Castor Wheels Take?

    It is important to know the load weight you want to transport so you can choose the correct caster wheels. It is always better to choose heavy duty castor wheels that can withstand more weight than you anticipate moving to ensure safety at all times.

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