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    Rubber Castors

    Rubber castors are a special type of castor made with tough rubber tyres known for their shock absorption, quiet operation and excellent floor protection properties. Rubber castor wheels are a popular choice for applications where a quiet ride, superior grip and floor protection are vital.

    Our comprehensive range of high-quality rubber castors is available in braked and non-braked variants, in a range of wheel diameters, load capacities and mounting types. Browse our range, we are confident we’ll have the right rubber castor wheel for you!

    Key Features and Benefits

    Shock Absorbing

    The rubber construction absorbs shocks and vibrations, reducing noise and preventing damage to transported goods.

    Floor Friendly

    Soft rubber wheels protect floors from scratches, marks, and dents, making them ideal for use on hardwood, tile, or laminate surfaces.

    Quiet Operation

    Rubber wheels produce less noise during movement, ensuring a quieter environment, particularly in indoor settings.

    Superior Grip

    Textured rubber treads provide excellent traction on uneven surfaces.

    Typical Applications

    Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

    Hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes benefit from the quiet operation and floor protection offered by rubber castors on beds, trolleys, and other medical equipment.

    Schools and Libraries

    Help to provide a peaceful and quiet environment by using rubber castors on furniture and trolleys, minimizing noise disruption.

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