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    Electricians Gloves

    Electricians gloves are the perfect glove choice for those working with electricity. Electricians work gloves offer superior hand protection when working with electrical components. Available in a range of durable materials including Latex, Leather and Rubber, electricians work gloves provide excellent electrical protection and insulation. These robust gloves also allow electricians to work comfortably, whilst maintaining excellent dexterity and grip.

    Why use electricians gloves?

    If you are working with electricity, it is essential that you are wearing sufficient hand protection. Insulated electricians gloves help to prevent injury from electric shock, whilst allowing you to work comfortably and efficiently.

    RS stocks an extensive selection of electrical insulated and resistant gloves with the highest EN60903 standards. Within the electricians gloves range, you will find a selection of work gloves in various sizes from industry leading brands.

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