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    Showa Work & Gardening Gloves

    Showa gloves provide excellent hand protection and safety in a variety of environments. Showa gloves are manufactured from durable materials, ensuring a longer-lasting glove to carry out endless tasks. With a wide range of Showa glove types to choose from, you will be sure to find gloves to suit your needs. Whether you require a durable general-purpose glove with excellent palm grip, or chemically resistant nylon gloves, RS Components' extensive offer of Showa gloves has you covered.

    What are Showa work gloves?

    Showa work gloves offer excellent user comfort and dexterity, with a wide range of additional benefits to suit different types of applications. Within the Showa gloves offer, you will find gloves with qualities such as heat resistance, cut resistance, chemical resistance and even gardening gloves. Whatever the application, Showa gloves provide sufficient hand protection to get the job done.

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