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    Liscombe Work Gloves

    Liscombe specialises in providing effective personal protective equipment. Priding itself in its reputation for cost, delivery, and quality, it is a leading manufacturer of work gloves. Liscombe is a pioneer in industrial glove development, continually testing solutions to enhance the comfort and dexterity of its products. Choose Liscombe for unrivalled experience and promised reliability.

    What are work gloves?

    Work gloves are a type of durable personal protective equipment. They protect personnel from receiving hand injuries when completing industrial tasks, as their specialist composition prevents abrasions, cuts, and punctures. Work gloves additionally provide enhanced grip, and some varieties offer specialised protection against temperature extremes. Work gloves are manufactured with a variety of different materials to suit industrial requirements, including cotton, leather, nitrile, polyethylene, and polyester.

    Why are work gloves useful?

    Work gloves are an important consideration when establishing compulsory health and safety practices in industrial workplaces. They vary in material to suit the kind of protection needed, subsequently, investing in just a few types of work gloves can offer protection for many industrial processes. They are effective, with many complying with safety directives to guarantee performance. Work gloves are cost-effective and can be easily replaced if damaged.

    Choosing Liscombe work gloves

    To choose the Liscombe work glove best suited for your requirement, use the filters to configure results by desired application, glove coating, material, and size.

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