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    Kevlar Gloves

    Kevlar gloves are manufactured from Kevlar, a lightweight yet highly durable material offering excellent hazard protection qualities. Work gloves manufactured from Kevlar are ideal for applications that require excellent heat resistant, cut resistant and abrasion resistant capabilities.

    Due to their lightweight yet hard wearing composition, Kevlar gloves are very versatile in use. Gloves made from Kevlar often feature a coating such as nitrile or latex offering enhanced grip.

    Why use Kevlar gloves?

    Unlike most cut resistant gloves, gloves made from Kevlar can be used as under gloves for enhanced hand protection and to prevent punctures due to their robust design. Used across many environments from glass handling to construction work, Kevlar work gloves offer the utmost protection against heat, cuts and more. Kevlar is a highly durable and lightweight material that is used in a variety of safety and protective applications.

    At RS you will find a wide range of gloves manufactured from Kevlar in an array of sizes.

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