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    Thermal Work Gloves

    Thermal work gloves are an ideal hand protection solution when working in extreme cold spaces and environments. Thermal work gloves are a type of work glove with a thermal inner liner, helping to keep hands warm and comfortable in cold conditions. Thermal gloves also often feature coated palms, offering enhanced grip in a range of environments.

    Where are thermal gloves used?

    Work gloves with thermal insulation are used in a wide range of cold and damp environments, as they allow hands to remain comfortable, warm and dry. Thermal gloves can be used outdoors in cold weather as well as in indoor cold conditions. These types of gloves are commonly used in areas such as cold rooms, freezers, logistics, manufacturing and much more.

    If you require a thermal glove with a robust grip, then RS has a vast range of thermal work gloves in all sizes with various grip patterns to suit your needs.

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