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    Large/XL Disposable Gloves

    RS have a great range of extra-large disposable gloves made from various materials such as latex, nitrile, polymer and vinyl and also powder free and powdered options, in popular colours such black, blue, clear and white.

    Disposable gloves are ideal for a wide range of tasks and professions. Disposable gloves are perfect for hand protection from contamination and are a cost-effective solution where a potential changeover rate is higher due to increased safety and hygiene standards.

    Industries and applications

    Disposable gloves are commonly used in

    • Light chemical use
    • Food preparation
    • Paint spraying
    • General assembly requiring dexterity

    What size is a large/XL glove?

    Glove sizes are typically measured in inches at the widest part (around the knuckles) of the dominant hand. A medium glove size in the UK is a 9. Anything below an 8 is considered small, while anything over a 10 is usually sold as large. Various types, especially single-use products, may be sold as one size where appropriate.

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