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    Reldeen Work Gloves

    Reldeen is a dedicated provider of personal protective equipment. Affordable work gloves manufactured with quality materials are characteristic of Reldeen's approach: a value range rigorously tested to guarantee the reliability required for exacting applications. Reldeen offers work gloves ingeniously fabricated for optimal comfort, with specialised polymer coatings for enhanced hazard resistance.

    Choose from our selection of Reldeen work gloves, available in various colours and sizes, with optional polyvinyl coatings for dexterous applications.

    Specialised electrician, labourer, and mechanic gloves

    Work gloves are a type of protective hand covering, specialised to offer protection against the hazards present in occupational settings. Work gloves are commonly used as compulsory clothing, as they ensure employees can complete tasks comfortably and safely. Leather is commonly used as it is durable and flexible, providing protection against punctures without sacrificing dexterity. Synthetic materials are used to create gloves with chemical resistance and electrical insulation. Textiles are commonly utilised for their comfort, combined with polymer coatings for additional abrasion resistance.

    Work gloves are a favourable means of protecting employees: they require no training to use, are not expensive to implement, and can be replaced if damaged. Choosing the correct pair is an important consideration, the required application will determine the type of work glove necessary.

    • Electricians may require specialised electrician's gloves, as they offer tested insulation against electrical currents.
    • Labourers may benefit from gloves with comfortable cotton or polyester lining, with an abrasion resistant coating.
    • Mechanics may require gloves with a polyurethane coating, for chemical resistance and enhanced dexterity.
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