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    Cut Resistant Gloves

    Cut resistant gloves provide you with assurance when working in or around applications using sharp tools or working with sharp materials. When working with cutting tools, protecting your hands from potential accidents is vital. With metal and polyurethane versions available to suit different cut level risks, our range of gloves can cater to all safety requirements. Aligning with the EN388 Blade standards, our cut resistant gloves are rated in their cut protection capabilities, so you know you can work with the faith that you and your hands are safe.

    Where are cut resistant gloves used?

    Cut resistant work gloves provide excellent hand protection and grip in a wide range of environments where sharp tools and objects are present. Cut resistant gloves are suitable for use indoor and outdoor in applications such as DIY, Construction, Automotive, Food handling and much more. As well as being cut resistant, these durable work gloves also provide excellent grip, dexterity and comfort allowing you to work with ease.

    Which cut resistant gloves to choose

    Cut resistance work gloves utilise the EN388 protective gloves against mechanical risks standard to determine the level of cut resistance of the glove. The standard EN388 cut resistance coup test uses a 1-5 grading to determine the level of cut resistance. Any gloves which surpass this and do not get cut then go on to the ISO 13997 test method which uses A-F grading.

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