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    Work Gloves

    Work gloves are a type of protective personal equipment, they are hand coverings used as compulsory work clothing in various industries to ensure occupational safety. Work gloves are typically specialised for a specific hazard or role, meaning their form and function can vary considerably. Regardless of specialisation, using work gloves improves user comfort and minimises the risk of minor injuries to the hands.

    Explore quality work gloves from providers such as Ansell, Uvex, and BM Polyco. Discover more information on the various applications and features by visiting our work gloves guide.

    Choosing the best materials for your requirement

    Searching for leather work gloves? Leather is a durable material that is also flexible, it creates puncture resistant gloves that protect against abrasions without sacrificing the dexterity needed to perform intricate tasks.

    Leather is a favourable material for numerous applications and is frequently combined with liners or coatings of other materials to extend its suitability.

    Rubber work gloves are manufactured using one or more synthetic rubbers. These flexible materials are impervious to liquids and oils and can be formulated to resist corrosion from industrial substances. As chemical resistant gloves, they are favoured by industries that require personnel to work with hazardous chemicals.

    Textiles are commonly utilised in glove liners, where they enhance the comfort of gloves. Where textiles feature as the primary composite of the glove, they offer a dexterous design that can be easily coated to provide additional functions.

    Safety gloves for construction, electrical, and maintenance work

    Choosing work gloves is an important consideration, the correct pair will offer tailored protection to the hazards present in appropriate sizing that allows for dexterity.

    • Electricians should consider specialist gloves for electrical work for safety gloves that prevent injury from electrical currents.
    • Mechanics should consider mechanic gloves for dexterity with protection against a range of hazards. These are the best gloves for warehouse work and performing general maintenance.
    • For gloves for working in construction, consider durability and puncture resistance, also opt for waterproof gloves if weatherproofing is necessary.
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