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    Eaton RCBOs

    Ensure vital protection for your electrical circuits against overcurrent and residual current with Eaton RCBOs at RS.

    Eaton products are designed to answer the demands of today's rapidly changing world, offering high-quality, sustainable, and high performance power solutions. They provide an effective means of managing power for many areas such as businesses, buildings, aircrafts, machinery, and transport.

    Eaton have a great selection of RCBOs to choose from, including ranges such as Memshield and PXK.

    Their RCBOs include features such as:

    • High trip sensitivity
    • DIN rail mounting for space-saving and efficient organisation
    • UV resistance ensuring defence against sunlight damage
    • Screw terminals
    • LED indicators
    • Test buttons
    • RCBOs with type A, B or C tripping characteristics
    • Variety of current ratings available

    What's an RCBO?

    RCBO stands for Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent protection. An RCBO is essentially an RCD (residual current device) with overcurrent protection.

    The purpose of an RCBO is to protect against overloads, short circuit currents, and earth fault currents. When an imbalance is detected they trigger disconnection of the electrical circuits, ensuring protection of circuits and equipment against damage, fires, and risk of electric shock to people.

    Browse the Eaton RCBO range and minimise the risk of electrical hazards in your electrical power distribution systems.

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