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    Hirschmann Circular Connectors

    For industry connectivity solutions you can trust, turn to Hirschmann. A leading Belden brand, Hirschmann specialises in innovating complete, secure, and integrated data communication solutions for the most demanding environments.

    What is an Industrial Circular Connector?

    An industrial circular connector is a type of connector which has a circular body and is used for heavy-duty industrial applications. These connectors can withstand tough environments and are often used for data transfer, electrical signal transmissions, and powering electrical devices using different connector standards. Circular connectors are usually made of plastic or metal housing.

    The CA series of circular connectors from Hirschmann offers highly dependable power transmission. These connectors are perfectly suited for machine building, measurement and control, automation, infrastructure, material handling and logistics applications. The CA series units feature robust impact-resistant yet lightweight plastic housing and are designed to work in wet, dusty and harsh environments, with excellent ingress protection up to IP67 when mounted. Due to their screw clamp design you can be sure of effortless installation.

    Hirschmanns line also includes the durable E-Series Rewireable M12 connectors which feature a PG7 cable gland with integral strain relief and cage clamping, allowing superior cable retention. These models are ideal for connecting to actuators, sensors cylinders and electrical machinery.

    For rapid termination, the MiniQuick E-Series of M8 circular connectors are a great choice. These units use auto piercing contact technology which eliminates the need for wire stripping and can help you save up to 50% of time when terminating on site. They also have a ribbed outer body to provide easy handling and grip.

    Choose from Hirschmanns range of industrial circular connectors and find the perfect fit your application today.

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