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    Lumberg Automation M12 Circular Connectors

    If you're searching for an M12 Circular Connector that supports reliable data transfer, power connections, and electrical signal transmission, choose from the range of M12 Circular Connectors by Lumberg Automation.

    What's a Circular Connector?

    An industrial circular connector is a sturdy connecting piece with a round shape, designed to handle tough jobs in industrial environments. These connectors are built to endure challenging conditions and are typically crafted from robust materials like plastic or metal.

    Lumberg's M12 connectors are the perfect fit for sensor-actuator applications, particularly in the food industry. These field attachable connectors come with features such as: environmental ratings up to IP67 for washdowns, simple screw terminal assembly, stainless steel coupling nuts, resilient housing materials such as polyamid and silver, wide operating temperature ranges, and tin-plated brass contacts for high conductivity of electrical signals. With Lumberg's M12 units you can be sure of a secure connection.

    Here at RS we have a wide selection of Lumberg Automation products to help you enhance the efficiency of your industrial automation set up. A trusted Belden brand, Lumberg Automation products are effective at simplifying operations for more streamlined and cost-efficient systems. Their products are designed to be durable, with high performance in mind, so you can rely on them in the toughest conditions.

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