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    4 Pin Push Pull Connector

    Explore our 4 Pin Push Pull Connector that features the Bulgin X Series 4 Pin Push-Pull connectors to ensure a quick and reliable latching system. Designed for indoor or vacuum-tight applications, they are ideal for various industries, including general-purpose interconnect, medical, test and measurement, and communications. The X series Push Pull offers quick mating connectors with 4 pin contacts for your connectivity needs.

    Bulgin connector, Y Series 4-pin Push-Pull type is the ideal choice for outdoor applications, providing a robust, secure and space-efficient connectivity solution. This waterproof connector has an IP66 rating along with a push-pull latching mechanism.

    Also available, Amphenol ECTA 133 series 4 pin Circular Connector is designed for industrial use, featuring push-pull operation in a rugged design. Various applications include robotics, laboratory test equipment and transportation.

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