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    Hirschmann CA series Circular Connectors

    Need a connector that can take on challenging industrial environments with ease? Choose from Hirschmann's CA series of circular connectors.

    The CA series connectors have been specifically designed for use in wet, dusty, and harsh conditions. They are environmentally rated up to IP67, which ensures that they are completely resistant to dust ingress and are protected against water ingress when temporarily immersed. Due to their ruggedised design you'll find that these connectors are suitable for outdoor use. With a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +90 °C, you can rely on them in hot and cold environments. They are field attachable, so you can install them quickly and easily wherever needed.

    Where can I use the CA connectors?

    You can use these units in a variety of industries which involve demanding applications such as machine building, transportation, automation, infrastructure, and material handling. They are perfectly suited for mobile machinery and conveyor belts.

    How do I assemble the CA industrial connector?

    First, pick the correct sealing for your cable size and then insert the sealing into the body. Push the cable through and unscrew the PE-contact. Insert the PE-conductor and tighten before repeating for the remaining contacts. Then simple screw the connector body to the contact holder and the cable gland to the body.

    For a flexible and dependable cable connectivity solution, use the CA circular field attachable power connectors by Hirschmann. A prominent Belden brand, Hirschmann are at the forefront of innovative data communication technology. Their products are created to handle today's complex industrial network infrastructures, so your systems can run at optimal efficiency.

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