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    Lumberg Automation Industrial Circular Connectors

    For dependable data transfer, power connections, and electrical signal transmissions, choose an industrial circular connector from Lumberg Automation.

    What is an Industrial Circular Connector?

    An industrial circular connector is a type of connecting component which has a circular body and is used for heavy-duty industrial applications. They can withstand tough environments and are usually made of plastic or metal housing.

    Lumberg Automation, a Belden brand, create connectivity solutions which are designed to enhance overall system effectiveness in industrial automation installations. Their products help to reduce complexity, ensuring more compact and cost-efficient equipment and systems. With an excellent portfolio of rugged, high-performance products to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your application.

    Their circular connector line includes the RSMCK series units which feature male and female options and screw terminals for easy installation. These field attachable connectors can operate in temperatures of -40°C to +85°C and have a robust polyamide body which can withstand impacts and vibration, for use in demanding areas. They also have an ingress protection rating of IP67, making them suitable for dusty or washdown environments. Contacts are gold-plated and pre-nickeled, helping to deliver excellent conductivity of electrical signals.

    Lumberg's offer also includes connectors with crimp or solder termination, an array of sizes such as M12, M23, and M8 models, and cable mount or front mount versions. Choose from plug or socket types and a range of durable housing materials like brass, thermoplastic, PA, and PBT.

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