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    M12 Connectors

    M12 connectors are a type of circular connectors which can be used in industrial automation applications to enable a secure signal and current transmission. These connectors are often used when connecting to sensors and actuators as well as industrial ethernet and Fieldbus. Some M12 connectors feature high IP ratings such as IP67 and IP68 making them suitable for environments that have high levels of moisture.

    RS have a great range of circular connectors including M12 connectors with various contacts and mounting types to meet all your industrial and control applications. Their high IP ratings make them ideal for washdown processes and corrosive environments and they come in straight and right-angle configurations.

    M12 Connector Applications

    M12 connectors have various cable types, connector orientations and keying options which makes them suitable for a range of applications. Due to their design they can be used in areas that require a rugged and reliable sealed connector. M12 industrial circular connectors can transmit data, electrical signals or power to machinery or peripheral components like sensors and actuators. These circular connectors can be found in:

    • Industrial production and automation
    • Food and drink processing
    • Machine building
    • Assembly lines and manufacturing
    • Robotics
    • Process control

    What are M12 cable codes?

    Most common types of coding include:

    • A-coded connectors - used for sensors, actuators, dc power and 1 Gbit Ethernet
    • B-coded connectors - used in network cables, for Profibus
    • C-coded connectors - used for AC power and are less common
    • D-coded connectors - used in network cables for 100 Mbit Ethernet
    • X-coded connectors - used for large amounts of data at high speeds for 10 Gbit Ethernet
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