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    Bulgin Mini Buccaneer

    The Mini Series Buccaneer is a robust and versatile connector. Designed to deliver reliable power up to 250V, 10A, features include a secure screw thread locking mechanism. Bulgin Mini Buccaneer has an IP68 rating when mated with a compatible connector providing watertight electrical connectors. This miniature connector guarantees protection against dust and water ingress, making it ideal for industrial and marine applications. Introducing Bulgin’s PX0800 / PX0801 / PX0802 / PX0803 / PX0805 range designed to meet the demands of various connectivity applications.

    The Mini Series offers a range of connector bodies to suit your specific needs

    PX0800 Flex cable connectors (mates with PX0801 Inline cable connectors and Mini Series PX0802 – rear panel mount, PX0803 – right angle panel mount, PX0805 – rear panel mount).

    PX0801 Inline cable connectors (mates with PX0800 flex cable connectors).

    PX0802, PX0803, PX0805 Panel mount connectors (mate with PX0800 Mini Series flex cable connectors).

    Select the correct contacts for best performance. The Mini Series provides flexibility in choosing contacts from screw terminal and solder. Select the number of connector contacts and choose the appropriate connector insert/contact carrier for your specific application.

    Screw terminal inserts are available separately in 2, 3, 4, 6 contact options, with pin or socket alternatives. See RS stock number's 394-7772 (2 way socket), 394-7788 (2 way plug), 311-8126 (3 way socket), 311-8132 (3 way plug), 332-0212 (4 way socket), 332-0228 (4 way plug), 332-0234 (6 way socket), 332-0240 (6 way plug).

    Solder contact carriers are available separately in 3 and 8 contact configurations

    Contact carrier plug 631-605 (8 contacts) and Contact carrier plug 531-582 (3 contacts).

    Contact carrier socket 531-611 (8 contacts).

    Select contact pins or contact sockets, and the contact insertion tool

    Solder contacts, plug contact 204-8157, socket contact 204-8140

    Insertion tool 531-576

    Optional accessories:

    A Pack of Cable Glands RS 841-8825 for accommodating differing cable sizes.

    Sealing Caps such as RS 531-560 (for PX0800 Flex Cable Connector) and RS 531-554 (fits all other connectors in the PX08 Mini-Series Buccaneer) to maintain the IP rating of unmated connectors.

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