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    Bulgin 400 Series

    Bulgin Buccaneer 400 series, robust circular connectors designed by industry leader Bulgin. Buccaneer 400 series circular power connectors provide reliable secure connections with several options available including different mounting types, pin arrangements, and IP68 or IP69K sealing options to meet your specific application needs. The miniature range includes flex cable connectors PX0410 as well as inline connectors PX0411, front and rear panel mount plugs and sockets alongside PCB mount connectors. The Bulgin Buccaneer 400 series waterproof electrical connectors safeguard machinery, sensors, and control systems against dust and moisture. Their waterproof design makes them indispensable in marine applications such as boat electronics and navigation equipment. The connectors are utilised in outdoor environments, from agricultural machinery to outdoor lighting and power distribution. Applications also include transportation systems, Healthcare medical devices and renewable energy solutions like wind turbines and solar power systems.

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