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    LAPP Industrial Circular Connectors

    LAPP aims to create compacter, smarter, more affective products with high quality precision and a durable finish. LAPP creates products designed to tailor perfectly to your workplace and make your working environment a better structured, more innovative place to be. By buying a LAPP product you can assure you will receive a strong, compact product that creates an organised, efficient working environment for you to enjoy.

    Industrial circular connectors are formed of multiple contact parts in one circular body, they are usually used in industrial and automation systems. Industrial circular connectors are used to transfer different properties such as data, electrical signals, or electrical power.

    What are the different attributes to choose from when buying a LAPP Industrial Circular connector?

    • Different sizes to choose from mean that you can connect your workplace seamlessly including: M12 M8 M23 M9 Miniature, you can also opt for a smaller size for a more compact fit
    • You can choose to have different levels of protection such as corrosion resistance, IP65, dust tightness and mechanical protection, this means that you can get the right LAPP industrial circular connector for your personal workplace, regardless of the environment
    • You can get different plating for your LAPP industrial circular connector, each with different benefits you can choose from to suit your needs
    • There are different operating temperature ranges to choose from so you can get the correct connector to suit your system temperature and its range
    • There is the option to have screw locking mating to secure a strong connection with your system
    • LAPP industrial circular connectors can be designed for a wide manner of applications, such as machine and equipment manufacturing, measurement and control technology, medical electronics, automation, industrial equipment, telecommunication networks, robotics, control, printing and more, you can choose the LAPP industrial circular connector to fit your personal workplace

    There are lots of great attributes that make LAPP industrial circular connectors a reliable choice for your workplace, with such a high standard of quality you can be assured that you are receiving a product from a brand that you can rely on.

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