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    BNL Ball Bearings

    If you need a plastic ball bearing for your application, then there is only one choice, and that’s BNL Ball Bearings. Here, at RS we are pleased to offer you a selection of high-quality BNL ball bearings in a range of sizes and ratings. Our BNL ball bearings include deep groove, angular contact and thrust types suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including medical devices, automotive components, and industrial machinery.

    Why BNL?

    BNL Bearings has a long history of designing and manufacturing superior quality plastic ball bearings. With over 50 years in the industry BNL engineers and technicians possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in bearing technology and pride themselves on producing high-performance precision components.

    Why Should I Use A BNL Ball Bearing?

    As we mentioned before BNL is the industry leader in plastic bearing production, so this alone should be the main reason for choosing one of their bearings. There are many other reasons why you should consider buying a BNL ball bearing, some of the key features and benefits are

    • Low Friction: Plastic bearings are designed to minimize friction, resulting in energy efficiency and reduced heat production.
    • Light Weight: Plastic bearings are lightweight which helps to reduce the overall weight of products. This is useful in applications where weight is a critical factor, such as aerospace equipment and medical devices.
    • Corrosion Resistance: Plastic bearings are resistant to corrosion which makes them ideal for use in harsh environments.
    • Longevity: BNL ball bearings are built to last, made with superior quality plastic materials which help to reduce wear and tear, leading to extended bearing life.
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