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    Ceramic Ball Bearings

    Ceramic ball bearings, also known as ceramic bearings are a type of bearing that uses ceramic balls instead of metal balls found in conventional bearings. The ceramic material is not only known for its hardness but also boasts high-temperature and higher corrosion resistance properties too. Along with low density, low friction and excellent resistance to wear, these desirable attributes make ceramic ball bearings ideal for demanding and high-performance applications.

    RS offer a selection of high-quality ceramic ball bearings in a variety of sizes and ratings. Our ceramic bearings can be sealed or shielded which offers extra protection from dust, dirt, and other harmful contaminants.

    Where Would I Use a Ceramic Ball Bearing?

    As we mentioned before a ceramic bearing has a wealth of desirable attributes that make them perfect for the most challenging environments. Some of the most common applications are

    • Aerospace and Aviation: Ceramic bearings are used in turbines, aircraft engines and other high-speed applications
    • Industrial: Ceramic bearings are used in high-speed machinery and equipment such as electric motors, compressors valves and pumps.
    • Medical equipment: Ceramic bearings are used in surgical tools and dental drills and other medical devices due to their resistance to chemicals and corrosion.

    Key Features and Benefits of a Ceramic Ball Bearing

    • Lightweight: Compared to conventional steel bearings, ceramic bearings are notably lighter, making them ideal for applications where weight could be a concern
    • Low Friction: With the smooth surface and hardness of the ceramic balls it reduces friction dramatically which offers improved efficiency.
    • High-temperature resistance: Ceramic, as a material can withstand much higher temperatures without losing its properties. This makes them ideal in applications where they could be exposed to higher temperatures than normal.
    • Corrosion Resistance: Ceramic bearings are resistant to corrosion and do not rust, making them suitable for corrosive environments.
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