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    Thrust Bearings

    Thrust ball bearings, sometimes called a thrust bearing or axial load bearing are a type of bearing specifically designed to support an axial load, also known as a thrust load. Thrust bearings can handle axial loads or thrust forces along the axis of rotation. Thrust bearings are used to ensure shafts and other rotating parts stay aligned and do not move axially.

    Thrust ball bearings use balls as their rolling element and allow them to handle higher rotational speeds. Within the bearings, there is also an aligning seat, which aligns the balls and helps with any initial misalignment. These bearings are essential components in various mechanical systems where an axial load needs to be supported or controlled.

    RS offer a selection of high-quality thrust bearings from leading brands such as SKF, NSK, BNL, FAG and of course RS PRO. Our thrust bearings are available in a range of sizes and ratings to accommodate various industrial and commercial applications.

    What Are Thrust Ball Bearings Used For?

    Due to the bearing's ability to support an axial load, these bearings are typically used in the following applications

    • Automotive industry: Thrust bearings are used in transmission systems, clutch assemblies, and differential gears.
    • Industrial machinery: Used in gearboxes, machine tool spindles and power transmission systems.
    • Generators and water turbines: Some thrust bearings are capable of reducing friction and drag making them perfect for use with generators and turbines
    • Marine: Thrust bearings are also used in marine propulsion systems, which helps to manage the thrust generated by rotating propellers.
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