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    Self Aligning Bearings

    Self aligning bearings, also known as self aligning ball bearings are a special type of bearing designed to correct any misalignment between the shaft and the housing. This can happen in applications where shafts bend or when the bearing housing causes misalignment or if they have been mounted incorrectly. Self aligning bearings are widely used in applications misalignment is unavoidable or where the shaft of machinery is subject to increased vibration.

    RS offer a great selection of high-quality self aligning bearings from well-known brands including SKF, FAG, INA, and our own trusted brand RS PRO. Our self-aligning bearings are available as open or closed types and come in a range of sizes and ratings.

    How Does A Self Aligning Bearing Work?

    These bearings work in a very similar way to traditional ball bearings. However, their construction is slightly different. A self-aligning bearing has two rows of rolling balls that sit in two separate raceways inside the inner ring of the bearing. This allows the inner ring to rotate freely in comparison to the outer ring which allows for angular misalignment. This ensures smoother operation, reduces friction and extends the life of the bearing.

    Where Are Self Aligning Bearings Typically Used?

    Due to their clever design, and versatility self-aligning bearings can be utilised in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Some of the most common are

    • Machinery exposed to higher levels of vibration such as air conditioners or washing machines.
    • Industrial equipment with moving parts such as conveyer belts, food processing equipment or printing presses.
    • Site equipment such as pumps, generators, and compressors.
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