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    Miniature Ball Bearings

    Miniature ball bearings, also known as miniature bearings, sometimes called small ball bearings are compact bearings used in small, precision instruments and devices. Miniature ball bearings are characterized by their small size, typically with an outer diameter of less than 15 mm.

    Miniature ball bearings are an essential component in many different industries. Their compact size, high precision, low friction, and long life make them ideal for use in a wide variety of applications.

    Here, at RS we offer a great selection of high-quality miniature ball bearings from popular bearing manufacturers including NMB, SKF, NSK and of course RS PRO. Our bearings are available in different types too including deep groove bearings, angular contact bearings and thrust bearings.

    Where Would I Use a Miniature Ball Bearing?

    Due to their compact size, miniature ball bearings can be used in numerous applications. Some of the most common are

    • Medical devices: These bearings are used in medical equipment such as surgical instruments, dental drills, and other devices where precision and reliability are a must.
    • Consumer electronics: Miniature ball bearings are used in hard drives, printers and cameras offering smooth movement and efficient operation.
    • Robotics: Miniature ball bearings are vital components in robotic joints and mechanisms enabling precise and controlled movement.

    Key Features and Benefits of Miniature Ball Bearings.

    These special bearings feature a whole host of desirable attributes, far too many to mention, some of the best are:

    • Compact and lightweight: These bearings are very small, which makes them ideal for applications where space is limited.
    • High precision: Miniature ball bearings are manufactured with tight tolerances and very precise dimensions. This ensures smooth and accurate rotation.
    • Low friction: Miniature ball bearings have low friction, which means that they can operate efficiently and quietly and also helps to reduce wear and tear.
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