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    Double shielded bearing

    Double shielded ball bearings are a type of bearing that has two shields, one on each side of the bearing. The shields are made of metal or plastic and help to keep dust, dirt, and other contaminants out of the bearing. This design feature not only provides extra protection, but it also extends the life of the bearing while improving its performance.

    RS offer a great selection of high-quality double shielded ball bearings from industry-leading brands including FAG, SKF and BNL.

    Our double shielded ball bearings are available as deep groove, angular contact, or radial types in a range of sizes and ratings.

    What Are The Two Main Types of Double Shielded Ball Bearings?

    Rubber Shielded Bearings: These bearings have rubber shields that are moulded into the bearing housing. Rubber shields are flexible and can absorb shock, making them well-suited for applications with vibration or shock loading.

    Metal Shielded Bearings: These bearings have metal shields that are pressed into the bearing housing. Metal shields are more durable than rubber shields and can withstand higher temperatures.

    What are double shielded ball bearings used for?

    Double shielded ball bearings are ideal for more challenging environments or where there is a greater risk of exposure to contaminants.

    Key Features and Benefits Of A Double Shielded Ball Bearing

    • Longer life: The shields help to keep dirt, dust, and debris out of the bearing, which helps to extend the bearings life.
    • Improved performance: The shields help to keep the bearing clean and lubricated, which can improve its performance
    • Low maintenance: With their protective shields these bearings require less maintenance and are less likely to be damaged by external forces.
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