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    Ball Bearings

    Ball bearings also known as bearings and journal bearings are important mechanical components used in a wide range of applications. They are an integral part of various machines and mechanisms, from small household appliances to large industrial equipment.

    What are Ball Bearings?

    Ball bearings are precision-engineered components specifically designed to enable rotational or linear motion by reducing friction between two moving parts. They consist of a set of small, spherical balls housed within a ring or raceway. These balls distribute the load evenly, allowing for efficient, low-friction movement. The primary purpose of ball bearings is to support radial and axial loads while minimizing friction and wear, thereby extending the lifespan, and enhancing the efficiency of mechanical systems. For more in depth information please refer to our Ball Bearings Guide https://uk.rs-online.com/web/content/discovery/ideas-and-advice/ball-bearings-guide

    RS offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality ball bearings in a variety of sizes and ratings. Our bearings are available in standard open types or for more challenging applications where added protection is required our sealed or shieled bearings are a great choice.

    All are supplied to you the engineer, from industry-leading brands including SKF, FAG, NSK, NMB, INA, BNL and our own trusted brand RS PRO.

    Ball Bearing Types

    There are four main types of ball bearings used in the industry today. They are

    Deep Groove Ball Bearings

    Deep Groove Ball Bearings are one of the most used ball bearing types. They have a simple design and are easy to maintain. Deep groove ball bearings can manage both radial and axial loads in both directions and are ideal for use when a higher load capacity is required. Deep groove ball bearings are available in two variants, single row, or double row.

    Angular Contact Ball Bearings

    Angular Contact Ball Bearings have a contact angle that enables forces to be transferred from one raceway to another at a specific angle. Ideal for handling combined radial and axial loads, these bearings have an angled raceway that allows them to support thrust in addition to radial forces. Angular contact bearings are available in two variants, single row, or double row.

    Self Aligning Ball Bearings

    Self Aligning Ball Bearings work in a similar way to standard ball bearings but feature two rows of balls which help with alignment by rotating in parallel with the outer ring. The inner ring features two raceways and the outer ring has one raceway.

    Thrust Ball Bearings

    Thrust Ball Bearings are specifically designed to handle axial loads. They have two bearing discs with raceways for the balls and are designed to support axial loads in one direction only. Thrust ball bearings are often used in applications where high axial load capacity is required.

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