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    61904 Ball Bearings

    61904 ball bearings all a type of single-row deep groove ball bearings that are engineered for precision and durability, making them ideal for a wide range of maintenance tasks.

    Key Features of 61904 Ball Bearings:

    • Precision Craftsmanship: Designed with meticulous attention to detail, 61904 ball bearings offer minimal friction and consistent performance, ensuring smooth machinery operation during maintenance.
    • Durability: Despite their compact size, these bearings are built to withstand heavy loads, making them your preferred choice for demanding industrial maintenance tasks.
    • Reduced Downtime: Trust 61904 bearings to keep maintenance downtime to a minimum. Their robust design and reliability ensure fewer interruptions to your operations.

    Our extensive selection includes various sealing options, including both sides sealed (contact and non contact), both sides shielded and open type providing flexibility to customize your maintenance solution to fit your specific needs.

    Explore our comprehensive range of top-quality bearings, sourced from industry leaders like FAG, SKF, and our trusted RS PRO brand.

    61904 Ball Bearing Dimensions:

    • Inner Diameter (ID): 20 mm
    • Outer Diameter (OD): 37 mm
    • Width: 9 mm

    Applications for 61904 Ball Bearings:

    • Machinery Maintenance:Whether it's heavy industrial machinery or precision equipment, 61904 ball bearings ensure efficient maintenance with minimal downtime.
    • Precision Instruments:Keep your calibration and measurement instruments in top shape with these bearings, ensuring precision in your maintenance tasks.
    • Industrial Excellence:For seamless operations and optimized production, trust 61904 bearings to reduce maintenance efforts and maximize performance.

    Experience the precision, durability, and efficiency of 61904 ball bearings – the trusted choice of maintenance professionals across diverse industries.

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