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    Eaton Contactors

    When it comes to contactors Eaton offer a broad portfolio of space-saving and easy to install solutions for any application! Eatons innovative products, solutions and technologies are designed to help customers to manage power and conserve resources while working more productively, safely and sustainably.

    What type of contactors are available?

    Eaton offer a wide range of 1 to 4 pole contactors with 1.5 - 910 A current rating, AC and DC coils with 24 V DC and up to 440 V AC coil voltage, up to 75 kW power rating and many more configurations to suit your control circuit needs!

    Included in the Eaton offer from RS is the xStart range of IEC contactors and motor control. The xStart line of contactors, overload relays, motor starters and manual motor protection is a completed range of IEC motor control. The space-saving and easy-to-install xStart line is the efficient and effective solution for customer applications from 7–2000A. Because xStart meets IEC, UL, CSA, CCC and CE standards, it is the perfect product solution for applications all over the world.

    Within the xStart range there are a variety of contactors suited to any application including:

    • DILM and DILH series of AC Contactors and DC Contactors: Specifically designed for very high current ranges from 185 A to 2,600 A. With their electronically controlled drives, compact size and long service life, the contactors make for a reliable component in any machine and system.
    • DILA series Contactor Relays: Available in 3 basic versions 4 NO; 3NO/1NC; 2NO/2NC contacts. The devices can be expanded to up to eight contacts and come with 2-pole and 4-pole top-mounting auxiliary contacts. The relays are ideally suited for use as coupling or interface contactors, especially if used to control large contactors directly from a PLC.
    • DILE series Mini Contactor Relay: Due to their compact, space-saving size they can be used wherever small motors or loads need to be switched and controlled. Thanks to their extensive approvals, they can be used worldwide and are also ideally suited for use in harsh environments with high temperatures.
    • DILMS series Safety Contactors: Reliable switching in safety-related applications, to make your machines and systems even safer. All versions of the DILMS safety contactors (from 7 A to 150 A) are equipped with a top-mounted auxiliary contact that is non-detachable. This prevents tampering and the manual actuation of the contactor. Their eye-catching yellow colour makes the safety components immediately visible in any situation.
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