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    ABB AF Contactors

    Please look at our range of ABB AF contactors that harness AF technology as standard. The 3-pole contactors establish the industry benchmark with integrated electronically controlled coils, that offer many benefits including the following:

    • Reduced administration costs and optimised logistics, due to fewer product variants to handle
    • Users have access to global support and the versatile product range can be used in all parts of the world, for example, ABB's range of 100-250V AC/DC coil covers all standard network voltages
    • Extremely fast wiring and installation can be achieved thanks to the push-in spring terminals
    • An 80% reduction in energy consumption has been achieved due to a reduction in the energy needed by the coil

    Why choose an ABB AF Contactor?

    ABB AF contactors have ring tongue and screw, push-in connection types, as well as built-in surge suppression and mirror and mechanically linked contacts. The contactors have a low holding consumption up to 1.7W and a dedicated 24V DC coil for direct control by PLC-output.

    Any purchase from the ABB AF contactor range will provide you with a high quality, industry leading product from a globally known and respected technology giant.

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