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    ABB Contactors

    Allow us to help you keep things running with our extensive range of high-quality innovative contactors, brought to you by our partner brand and leading global technology company, ABB.

    A contactor is essentially an electrically controlled switch that is used in installations where switching is required for an electrical power circuit. ABB has an extensive, versatile portfolio of high-quality contactors, with the range including products suitable for both basic and extreme installations. ABB aim to revolutionise how contactors are used in all network conditions around the globe and their substantial range offers you a choice between screw, push-in spring and ring tongue terminals. Whatever your requirement, ABB will be able to provide a contactor variant to suit your specific needs.

    What is the difference between a contactor and a standard relay?

    Contactors are part of the relay family, but they are designed for use in installations involving a higher current capacity. Unliked standard relays, contactors can be safely used in larger-scale control circuit applications. A contactor can be controlled remotely and is designed to switch a large amount of electrical power, using its contacts.

    With the brand name ABB behind them, you can rest assured that any purchase from this vast range of contactors will be a sound investment.

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