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    Siemens SIRIUS Contactors

    Experience efficiency and reliability with Siemens SIRIUS Contactors. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, these contactors ensure seamless performance and utmost safety in a compact design.

    What Siemens SIRIUS contactors are available?

    • SIRIUS 3RT Contactors: Standard power contactors designed for various industrial applications, offering a wide range of configurations and accessories.
    • SIRIUS 3RH Control Relays: Control relays that can be used in combination with contactors to provide additional control functions in control panels.
    • SIRIUS 3RA Motor Starters: Compact motor starters that combine contactors and overload relays, providing efficient motor control and protection.
    • SIRIUS 3TF Vacuum Contactors: Similar to the 3TB series, these vacuum contactors are designed for specific applications.
    • SIRIUS 3TC Thermal Overload Relays: Provide motor protection and can be used in conjunction with contactors.

    Key Features:

    • Durable Build: Siemens SIRIUS Contactors are built to last, with robust materials that withstand harsh environments and heavy usage.
    • High Performance: Experience high-performance switching, ensuring smooth operation and reduced downtime.
    • Enhanced Safety: Equipped with advanced safety features, including arc protection, they prioritize the safety of both equipment and personnel.
    • Wide Voltage Range: Operate across a broad voltage range, accommodating various industrial applications.
    • Noise Reduction: The contactors are designed for reduced noise emissions, maintaining a quiet work environment.
    • Space-saving Design: With a compact footprint, they optimize space utilization in control panels.


    • Motor Control
    • Lighting Systems
    • Heating and Ventilation
    • Industrial Machinery
    • Renewable Energy
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