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    Sensata / Crydom Contactors

    In partnership with RS, Sensata / Crydom bring to you a high-quality, extensive range of contactors, that is sure to include something to suit your specific requirements. Sensata / Crydom pride themselves on supplying mission-critical, high-voltage components, for use across a wide variety of industries and applications.

    In short, a contactor is a switch that is controlled electrically and can be used in installations to provide a switch for an electrical power circuit. Sensata / Crydom contactors differ from standard relays, as they can be used safely in larger-scale control circuit applications. They make up part of the relay family but are designed to work in installations with a higher current capacity.

    What applications are Sensata / Crydom contactors suitable for?

    Sensata / Crydom contacts are suitable for a wide range of uses, such as using them with motors, heating, lighting circuits and other electrical applications.

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