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    Eaton DILM Contactors

    Control electrical flow with ease using the DILM series contactors from Eaton. Here at RS we have a broad selection of DILM contactors to choose from, so you can find the best one to suit your needs.

    What are contactors and how do they work?

    A contactor is a type of electrical switch which is used to manage flow to high-power electrical loads. These devices work by using an electromagnetic coil, which will interrupt or allow the flow of current as needed via contacts. These contacts are designed to open and close quickly, resulting in greater arc suppression. Contactors are a part of the relay family however they are different from standard relays, which are better suited for low current switching.

    Where are contactors used?

    You'll find these devices used in an array of applications, basically anywhere you might need to switch power to a circuit frequently, such as large-scale lighting control in a building, motor control, or distributing power in big industrial setups. Contactors are designed to handle many cycles and have a long life-span, making them your go-to helper for heavy duty applications.

    Eaton's DILM series contactors are built with efficiency in mind and come with a long electrical and mechanical life to make sure that your system operates safely in the long term. These resilient units can withstand extreme environmental conditions and are built to handle very high current ranges from 185 A to 2,600 A. They come with high contact reliability, are suitable for operating voltages up to 1000, and feature electronically controlled drives, giving you low pick-up and holding power at high current levels. In the space department they're compact and versatile, perfect for tight spots. They'll work smoothly within a wide ambient temperature range, ranging from a chilly -40°C to a toasty +70°C. Here at RS we have both 3 and 4 pole DILM options available.

    Choose from our range of Eaton DILM contactors and experience streamlined switching.

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