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    ABB Jokab Contactors

    Please browse our offering of safety contactors, brought to you by our trusted partner brand ABB Jokab. ABB Jokab are a member of the ABB group and the companies' goal is to safely deliver and support customers around the globe by providing innovative, high-quality and intelligent machine safety solutions.

    A contactor is a an electrically controlled switch, designed for use in electrical power circuits involving a high current capacity. Contactors can be connected to high-current load devices and incorporate spring-loaded contacts that make-or-break power supply lines to a load. ABB Jokab's range of contactors are 3 pole safety devices that are suitable for multiple applications including machine safety operations and controlling and monitoring circuits.

    What contactors are included in the ABB Jokab range?

    ABB Jokab contactors are 3 pole safety contactors that control circuits through an electronic coil interface. The devices have built-in surge suppression, as well as mirror and mechanically linked contacts. Installing a contactor reduces panel energy consumption and ultimately, make your system safer.

    Why ABB Jokab?

    Productivity and machine safety go hand in hand and ABB Jokab products are designed and manufactured with that thought process at the forefront. Every ABB Jokab product has been developed with the aim and focus to protect valuable personnel and company property.

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