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    Lighting Contactors

    Lighting contactors provide a safe and convenient method for switching and controlling lighting circuits in a wide range of industrial commercial and domestic applications. Lighting contactors control the flow of electricity through a circuit powering the lighting in an area. The contactors are remote and often control circuits with higher voltages which can be very dangerous to the electrician if controlled directly.

    RS offer a selection of high-quality lighting contactors from industry-leading brands including Schneider Electric and Lovato. Our lighting contactors are robust, heavy-duty, and designed to last. You can rely on RS lighting contactors and be safe in the knowledge they have been designed and tested to meet all the latest industry standards including IEC and NEMA.

    Why would you use a lighting Contactor?

    These contactors are used to control power to lighting or non-inductive heater loads. Lighting contactors are ideal for large resistive loads, and multiple circuits. Lighting contactors are often used for the control of lighting in offices, schools, factories, and hotels.

    Some important things to consider

    When choosing a contactor for lighting control there are some things that need to be thought of. Some of the key points are:

    • What type of lamps are you working with? Tungsten, incandescent
    • How many poles - Contactors are available in single-pole, double-pole, and four-pole.
    • Coil voltage - Contactors are available with either a 24 V ac coil or 240 V ac coil.
    • Contact current rating - Ranging from 9 Amps to 63 Amps.
    • Connection type - Easy to connect with screw terminals
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