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    Eaton DILL Contactors

    For superior switching control in high-current applications, the DILL contactors by Eaton are the ideal solution. As leading power management experts, Eaton have an excellent range of contactors here at RS to help keep your systems and equipment running smoothly and safely.

    So how exactly do they work? Well, contactors manage the flow of electricity using an internal electromagnetic coil and contacts, which make or break the circuit when prompted by a control signal. They're designed for high current load devices, unlike relays which are better for low current switching. You'll find they're used widely in many types of applications and sectors, such as motor and lighting control, material handling, automation, HVAC systems, manufacturing, and power distribution.

    Eaton's DILL series contactors are great for lighting control installations. They're built specifically for switching lamps across 3 current ranges: 12 A, 18 A, 20 A. Their high switching capability means that you can rely on them to handle the inrush currents for all types of lamps over long distances.

    Browse our selection of DILL contactors by Eaton and secure efficient, safe, and high-performance switching control for your lighting system and other installations.

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