Countries With the Best Graduate Employment Rates

Many highlight the importance of a degree not only educating individuals on their industry and subject of choice, but also equipping students with the right skills for their desired job in the workplace and thus increasing their employability. Many universities include modules focused on work experience, and sandwich years allow students to experience a year in the workplace.
So, with universities placing an importance on life after a degree, which countries have the highest employment rates for graduates? This graphic takes a closer look at the overall employment rates of graduates across Europe, as well as the gender differences to see which countries are leading the way with the highest employment rates.

Countries With the Best Graduate Employment Rates Infographic

Many choose to attend university in order to further their career prospects,  likelihood of employment and boost their earning potential.


In the UK, the unemployment rate for graduates six months after leaving university fell to 5.1% last year - the lowest since 1979, but how does this compare to other countries, and is there a difference in employment rates when it comes to gender?


Looking at the UK specifically, Manchester University is the top university in the United Kingdom for employability following on from completing a degree.