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      • Published 9 Jan 2023
      • Last Modified 4 Sept 2023
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    Jobs of the future

    From making children more tech aware to teaching general life skills, we surveyed parents across the UK to find out how many in each city are preparing their child for the future workplace.

    The children of today are a generation working towards a new and exciting landscape of potential jobs - some of which don't even exist yet. As technology and automation continue to advance at a staggering rate, the job sector will too, quickly adapting to support breakthroughs across industries. 

    From Drone Managers and Data Detectives to Autonomous Transportation Specialists, it’s safe to say that these aren’t the type of jobs that we see advertised on job board sites today but, according to various industry experts, they are the type of roles we can expect to see very soon.

    Here at RS, we have collated a mix of the most exciting future job role predictions to reveal the incredible careers that up-and-coming generations can expect to see - and perhaps even have for themselves.  

    It’s no secret that a number of current roles across industries could be at risk of becoming automated and, consequently, ‘taken by robots’ however, many of today’s jobs won’t simply disappear. We can expect various recognisable positions to be adapted and refined in order to work in the autonomous, technological future that awaits.

    So what jobs can we expect in the future workplace and what will they involve? Take a look below to find out:

    Jobs of the future

    Whether it’s a Virtual Teacher, a Space Junk Recycler, or a Pharmer, the future job market certainly looks exciting! If you’re interested in seeing where these amazing predictions came from then you can take a look at all of our data and sources here.